Suzanne Gammon

                                                                                                                  SPOON CULTURE AND OTHER RECENT WORKS

Now resides in Scituate, Massachusetts. She graduated from The University of Massachusetts Boston majoring in Art History and later completed her studies at The Academy of Art University. While living in Denver Colorado she was a member of the Chicano Humanities and Art Council.

"My work is driven by compassion and justice. When I paint for the sake of practice that is not my true identity as an artist. I visited an artist a couple of years ago who asked what I paint and I answered, commentary on the human condition. His reply was " Oh ya, I did that for a while" like it was some trendy thing to try out.
Having painted five years in acrylics and oils doing abstract, I have found myself back to my first love, watercolor. Mixed media I find as a very useful form of expression and allows for innovation of materials.

My  favorite 3 artists are: Jackson Pollock, Rosa Bonheur and when I need to chill and time travel, I visit the MFA in Boston and view Monet.

I will have updates monthly and expand upon this site.